Soldier Training in Military Police Units

Tuesday, 23.1.2024 | Training
Training of soldiers who started voluntary military service in September last year is ongoing in the Military Police battalions of the Army.

In accordance with their specialties, they are now attending collective training in the Military Police units, after completing four months of individual training with flying colors at the Training Command Centers.

The focus is on refining tactical actions and procedures and exercising MP authority in different situations, with the use of combat vehicles and modern weapons and equipment acquired for the Serbian Armed Forces’ MP units.

In this phase, soldiers also learn basic fighting techniques, undergo demanding physical training and participate actively in the execution of regular unit activities. The goal is to have soldiers who are physically fit, well-trained and motivated to work in Military Police units upon completion of training.

Those who are willing to become professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces are entitled to go through necessary selection while still on military service and start professional military career immediately after its completion.

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