Live Fire Exercise of River Flotilla

Tuesday, 20.4.2021 | Training
At the temporary firing ground on the Tisa near Titel and the Sava near Šabac, the River Flotilla performed the "Spring 2021" live fire exercise.

During the exercise, the River Flotilla units practiced combat actions and procedures in the preparation and execution of the waterway defense operation. Within the training activities near Titel, the ships of the 1st and 2nd River Detachment conducted live firing from guns, grenade launchers and machine guns.

Along with conducting the defensive operation on the Tisa, the 1st Pontoneer Battalion members practiced overcoming water obstacles on the Sava near Šabac by establishing a ferry crossing point.

The exercise evaluated the capability of commands and units for planning operations and commanding forces, as well as the capability of the River Flotilla for response according to the levels of readiness and performance of key tasks in the defense of inland waterways.

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