Development of Leadership Skills in Future SAF NCOs

Thursday, 19.1.2023 | Training
The 34th Leadership Course is ongoing at Pančevo-based NCO Training Centre "Sergeant Milunka Savić", attended by professional soldiers selected from all SAF units.

This is the first level of the six-week advancement program that professional soldiers go through in preparation for their SAF NCO duties, learning how to command a group, crew or team properly and efficiently and perform the tasks within the competence of a deputy squad commander.

The Leadership Course Curriculum encompasses theoretical and practical contents from different fields such as Leadership, Service Regulations, Military Topography, Close Order Drills, Tactical, Firearms and Physical Training, so that participants could gain sufficient knowledge to perform their initial NCO roles.

Those professional soldiers who come through this advancement level successfully become eligible for referral to the Basic NCO Course whose completion leads to their promotion to the rank of Sergeant and joining the SAF NCO Corps.

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