Armoured Units’ Future NCOs on Stationary Camping

Thursday, 4.8.2022 | Training
The Basic NCO Course Participants (20th class) who are being trained in commanding a group, team and section in the armored units are currently on their stationary camping at Orešac Training Ground near Vršac.

This form of practical field training requires that future NCOs should perform preparatory and school firing using M-80A IFV weapons and school firing using M-84tank weapons. 

Before they arrived at the field, course participants had successfully mastered the contents related to the knowledge, handling and maintenance of the weapons, fighting vehicles and devices, and started performing firing activities well-prepared and motivated, as confirmed by their very good and excellent results.

Afterwards, the Basic NCO Course Participants — professional soldiers who have previously completed the Leadership Course and proven their worth performing their military duties — will do their internship in SAF units. Those who complete successfully that final module of the Course will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant and posted to initial NCO positions in the Serbian Armed Forces.

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