Training of Divers in River Flotilla

Wednesday, 7.2.2024 | Training
This week, members of the River Flotilla’s diving unit have been undergoing regular training in providing anti-sabotage protection of ships in the regulated basing area.

It is part of military divers’ winter training in performing intended tasks in the vicinity of inland waterways at low water temperatures, aiming in general to sustain and improve additionally not only individual skills but also the overall combat readiness of the unit.

In accordance with the training program, divers first undergo fitness training in a hyperbaric chamber at simulated depths of up to 50 meters, and then they practice procedures on the river while diving, inspecting the underwater part of the ship’s hull, searching the riverbed, and they refine the tactics applied during anti-sabotage actions.

At the same time, additional training of the youngest light ship divers is being implemented, preparing them systematically for higher diving categories in this way, that is, for more complex and more dangerous tasks.

Divers’ training in the Serbian Armed Forces is very demanding because divers are expected to be ready for action in all weather conditions, at all times, and only the highest proficiency level guarantees a successful completion of both defensive and offensive tasks.

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