Training of 63rd Parachute Brigade Members in Wind Tunnel

Thursday, 28.7.2022 | Training
The 63rd Parachute Brigade members involved in advanced forms of paratrooper training have visited Prague this week to receive wind tunnel training. 

The training was conducted in excellent conditions and friendly atmosphere, with the focus on mastering free fall elements and learning to perform parachute jumps with bags for cargo, that is, arms and military equipment.

The time each SAF paratrooper spent in the wind tunnel corresponded to that needed for a free fall performed during 50 training jumps from the aircraft at 4000m altitude.

That way, it took much shorter period of time to conduct advanced parachute training aimed at training the paratrooper in free fall jumps with special wing parachutes, with armament and equipment, on small-size terrain.

The importance of the wind tunnel training reflects also in saving SAF material resources having in mind that such training does not require the employment of aircraft and their crew. Another important segment of our paratroopers’ visit to Prague was an exchange of experience with training instructors from the Czech Republic.

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