Combined Training of Army Forces

Thursday, 11.4.2024 | Training
As part of the active phase of the Joint Tactical Exercise “Whirlwind 2024”, the Army units are executing intensive exercise activities at permanent and temporary training grounds of the Serbian Armed Forces.

The engaged Army forces of the SAF have previously marched to the exercise facilities, transferring the command posts and firing positions and performing tactical tasks on the move.

During this part of the exercise, the focus is on the execution of combined training and firing from the infantry and armored units weapons, in preparation for the joint live-fire tactical drills and exercises awaiting them afterwards.

Today, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, newly introduced armored fighting vehicles, anti-tank systems, mortars, automatic grenade launchers and various small arms have been used at the “Pešter”, “Pasuljanske Livade” and “Međa” Training Grounds.

Part of the Serbian Armed Forces’ reserve component is also included in the exercise activities, and the combat units are supported by members of the general and logistics services who are providing the continuity of signals, transport, food, replenishment with ordnance, medical care and proper functioning of materiel.

The “Whirlwind 2024” Exercise, which takes place until 21 April, involves the operational capabilities of the Army and Air Force of the Serbian Armed Forces, and the goal is to improve further the skills and competence of commands and units in preparing and executing combat operations, organizing interoperability, cooperation and force protection, controlling the territory and providing logistics support to forces in the area of operation.

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