Training For Execution of MP Tasks

Monday, 30.10.2023 | Training
In the MP battalions of the Army, professional soldiers and officers who have recently been appointed to these SAF units are undergoing intensive training.

Training is carried out together with experienced military policemen, aiming for the entire professional staff to fully meet high training standards, and improve further combat readiness of the units.

At training and exercise grounds, military policemen practice tactics, techniques and procedures applied while undertaking combat activities these units are intended for. Now the focus is on training for the execution of a counter-terrorist fight, from the initial obtaining of data on activities in the area of responsibility, to blockade and destruction of a terrorist group.

During the training process, modern weapons, equipment and combat vehicles are used, which enable military policemen to complete their tasks fully, on time and with minimum risk to their own forces.

Newly recruited members of MP units are expected to undergo a long-term and complex training, which will enable them to achieve full competence to deal with a wide range of tasks and general security affairs in the Ministry of Defense and Serbian Armed Forces.

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