Air Defence Forces at Joint Exercise “Whirlwind 2024”

Wednesday, 10.4.2024 | Training
The AD artillery-missile units involved in the Joint Tactical Exercise “Whirlwind 2024” are conducting intensive exercise activities and drills needed to perform the tasks on combat operations of the Serbian Armed Forces.

At this stage, the missile battalions from the exercising components are doing tactical actions on the move and taking up reserve firing positions in order to have an effective combat disposition for the anti-aircraft defense of the territory and their own forces, while some of the units are training at their regular locations.

The focus is on applying the principles prescribed by the tactics of the use of units and training of combat crews to prepare and execute firing against aerial targets. The training activity involves almost all anti-aircraft systems of the SAF armament, in interoperability with the ASEWG units and fighter aviation.

Air Defence Forces represent an important part of the combat component, and are extremely important for the success of military operations in the conditions of an extensive use of remotely piloted aircraft and other means of aerial attacks, so their high competence and integration into a single system are imperative.

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