Training of 72nd Special Operations Brigade’s Combat Teams

Saturday, 10.2.2024 | Training
Combat teams of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade have been receiving regular training in different terrain and microclimate conditions at several locations across the country this month.

The goal of this activity, which includes tactical exercises, training in climbing and diving, live firing and survival in the wild, is to preserve and improve additionally the skills and high level of combat readiness of this unit of the Serbian Armed Forces, as well as getting acquainted with terrain and exploring the possibilities of undertaking special actions.

For the purpose of training, the combat teams landed by Air Force and Air Force helicopters, and then they carried out tactical and fire missions on the move in unknown and rough terrain, while relying on self-made food outdoors.

According to specially elaborated scenarios, members of the Special Force have been refining the tactics of reconnaissance bodies in encounter battle, execution of raids, surprise raids and ambushes, evacuation by air, and overcoming water obstacles and vertical obstacles on land. Part of the unit also practiced combat operations on and under water, and this training of several days ended with the execution of live-fire tactical exercise using modern weapons of Special Force and support assets.

During the entire training process, collective skills of the combat teams were examined and evaluated, the results confirming the top level of psychophysical, firearms and tactical skills of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade members, their strong will, strong morale and determination to be the striking force of the Serbian Armed Forces in the service of preserving peace and freedom.

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