Minister of Defence Extends Greetings on Serbian Armed Forces Day

Sunday, 23.4.2023 | Culture and traditions

I extend my greetings to all members of the Serbian Armed Forces on 23rd April – Serbian Armed Forces Day.
We celebrate this day in memory of the Second Serbian Uprising that took place in 1815, when the Serbian people mustered its strength to raise again the flag of freedom and continue the righteous fight for liberation against foreign conqueror. Over time, brave Serbian rebels, who came from the very people, became an army that impressed the whole world with its toughness, courage and perseverance.
On the foundations of freedom-loving traditions of the Uprising, Serbian military waged wars between 1876-1878, the Balkan Wars, and the Great War, victoriously liberating their compatriots under the rule of mighty Empires. The Serbian soldier defended his fatherland honourably and with dignity, and suffered the Golgotha with the idea that there is nothing more sacred that defending Serbia. That is why, today, we are celebrating the Serbian soldier who could and still can stand proudly in front of entire Europe and world. Such tradition still lives in the Serbian Armed Forces. We have never allowed that this legacy falls into oblivion, so courage, toughness, perseverance and righteousness are the virtues that have always and will forever be the traits of members of our armed forces.
Like it was the case in the past, today as well strong and ready armed forces are one of key elements of a strong, free and safe country. Today, in the world brimming with challenges and great changes, the Serbian Armed Forces readily execute their tasks. They execute their only goal in the best possible manner and that goal is the preservation of peace, security and safety of all citizens of Serbia. Investments, and always required modernisation, and raising the standard of living of our members are priority in our work so that all members of the Serbian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence are ready to respond to the challenges of modern society, and their assigned tasks, and to protect the integrity of the Republic of Serbia with dignity.

Miloš Vučević

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