Regular Training of Army Units

Thursday, 9.2.2023 | Training
In preparation for their engagement in the Ground Safety Zone (GSZ), Army members are going through complex training to achieve the highest proficiency in performing the assigned missions and tasks.

During winter training, soldiers and officers practice performing specific GSZ tasks in compliance with the prescribed Rules of Engagement.

One of the most important training segments is practicing combat actions in the event the unit comes under attack, as well as tactics and procedures for the prevention of illegal crossings, actions by extremist groups and organized crime. Training is conducted using different observation and reconnaissance equipment that can perform day/night data gathering and analysis concerning the situation on the ground.

Implementation of training in all conditions plays a critical part in providing SAF units with high combat readiness and their readiness to react promptly, if required, and ensure peace and safety in this part of the country in cooperation with other security forces of the Republic of Serbia.

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