98th Air Brigade’s Aircraft Technicians Undergo Training

Friday, 10.3.2023 | Training
Intensive training for the 98th Air Brigade’s Aircraft Technicians, responsible for the repair and maintenance of this Air Force and Air Defence unit’s aircraft is underway at the "Morava" military airfield in Lađevci.
The training, which is being conducted as part of regular aerial activities of aviation and helicopter squadrons, aims to make sure that aircraft maintenance specialists (soldiers, NCOs and officers) maintain a high level of skill for the maintenance of Orao aircraft and Mi-35 helicopters and the preparation thereof for combat use.

In accordance with the training programme, the trainees practice standard procedures for performing technical inspections of aircraft and helicopters and checking the functionality of the engine, radio navigation equipment and weapons. The arming and preparation of aircraft for the execution of live fire is also carried out.
The emphasis is on providing additional training to young non-commissioned officers who were assigned to the unit after having successfully completed the Air Force and Air Defence NCO Course, in order for them to reach the required level of skill for the maintenance of the aircraft they are responsible for, in the shortest possible time.

This type of training helps all aircraft technicians serving with the 98th Air Brigade meet the highest training standards in order to be able to make sure that aircraft are ready and available for combat use at all times. It also makes sure that the unit is able to carry out specific assignments during SAF operations.

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