Basic Parachute Training of Soldiers on Military Service

Tuesday, 24.1.2023 | Training
Soldiers of the September 2022 intake serving in the 63rd Parachute Brigade are currently receiving  basic parachute training at Military Airfield "Sergeant-Pilot Mihajlo Petrović", Niš.

This is the final part of the paratrooper training process which takes four weeks, three weeks for ground training, and one week for performing parachute jumps. 

Previously, the soldiers have successfully mastered tactical training contents, coming through all scheduled firing activities and physical fitness test, and are fully prepared to undertake parachute training. 

During ground training the focus is kept on gaining sufficient knowledge about the assault parachute, the way it is packed and preserved, and working on parachute devices and refining the techniques for performing parachute jumps and emergency procedures. Having mastered this training segment, soldiers become eligible to perform parachute jumps not only during the day but also in the nighttime conditions.

By completing successfully basic parachute training soldiers become "paratroopers" and are eligible to become professional members of this elite SAF unit, in which soldiers of this class have already shown interest.

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