Cadets Undergo Flight Training with Combat Helicopters

Monday, 4.3.2024 | Training
The 5th year students of the Military Academy are currently undergoing flight training with “Gamma” combat helicopters.

This is the final training segment for Military Academy cadets attending the study program ‘Military Aviation’ for initial pilot-officer duties in the SAF helicopter squadrons.

The curriculum covers all aspects of flight training, keeping the focus on combat training to make sure that future pilots are fully qualified to use this type of aircraft intended to engage ground targets while providing air support to evolution units on SAF operations.

The cadets have already completed successfully ground preparation during technical training as well as flight training with the light multi-purpose helicopter “Gazelle” which they used for training in the previous academic year.

Cadets are able to receive intensive flight training while still at the Military Academy due to large investments in SAF Air Force and multiple increases in the availability of training aircraft. That way, it is ensured that they focus on advanced forms of (re)training for the most modern types of combat and multi-purpose helicopters in the armament of the Serbian Armed Forces immediately after receiving initial officers’ duties.

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