Serbian Armed Forces Mechanized Units Undergo Training

Friday, 10.2.2023 | Training
At the exercise and peacetime locations of the Army mechanized battalions, professional members are currently undergoing critical weapons training. 

Armed with the M-80A IFVs, these units are the linchpin of maneuver and striking force on Army operations alongside tank battalions.

Since the purpose of this armored amphibious vehicle is to introduce infantry into the battle and provide it with fire support, training at this point focuses on joint tactical drills by the crews and mounted infantry squads. Afterwards, there will be tactical exercises and live firing so that battalion members could demonstrate how skilled they are in fire missions on offensive and defensive operations.

The reliability and efficiency of the M-80A IFVs have been confirmed in different conditions on multiple occasions. Regular training of their crews and mechanized battalion infantry squads results in a high level of skills needed for infantry, anti-infantry and anti-armor operations.

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