Day of 1st Army Brigade Marked

Wednesday, 9.11.2022 | Culture and traditions
A military ceremony has been held today at "Jugovićevo" Barracks in Novi Sad on the occasion of the Day of the 1st Army Brigade in remembrance of 09 November 1918, when the Serbian army liberated Novi Sad.

In front of the ceremonial parade of Brigade’s members, the working results in the year behind us have been summarized and well-deserved recognitions and awards presented to the best units and individuals.

Referring to the achieved results, it has been pointed out that Brigade’s personnel exhibit competence, professionalism and commitment while executing the assigned tasks and that notable progress has been made in developing the unit’s combat-readiness, giving full contribution to the enhancement of operational capabilities of the Army and Serbian Armed Forces on the whole. 

Today, members of the 1st Army Brigade have also marked their unit’s St. Patron’s Day — Day of St. Nestor the Martyr. 

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