President Vučić Inspected Newly Acquired Arms and Military Equipment for Serbian Armed Forces

Thursday, 23.11.2023 | Stories from Units
Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić inspected newly acquired arms and military equipment for the Serbian Armed Forces at the Military Airport “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović” in Batajnica today.

The tour was attended by Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević and Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Lieutenant General Želimir Glišović.

President Vučić has said that rarely in our history have we been able to show so many new assets in one day.

- We bought 22 radars, something that Serbia and Yugoslavia had not bought for decades. Two new Spanish transport planes CASA are also shown; and it is important to point out that they can transport 70 soldiers or 48 paratroopers with full parachute equipment, and thanks to two side ramps they can jump into a combat area much faster, if necessary. These planes largely improve our transport capabilities both for international missions and the country, because these are modern and very good planes - claimed President of Serbia thanking the Spanish and French friends and partners for their cooperation.

He has stressed that the new German helicopter H-145 has also been shown today, which is considered to be “quieter and better than its predecessor”. According to the President of Serbia, another 10 helicopters of that kind should arrive by September next year. 

– You could also see our modernized “Swallow” and “Eagle” planes today, and we displayed 11 helicopters Mi-35 as well. In the first phase, the six of them will be modernized by late January, and the remaining five by the end of summer. Then the second phase of modernization will follow. It is a huge reinforcement for the Serbian Armed Forces, to be continued in the future as well. We are going to build hangars, because the planes used to be kept outside before, exposed to corrosion. I owe thanks to all the partners for our being able to strengthen the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces. We will persevere in that, regardless of the attempts to discredit us and regardless of the attacks by those who do not like strong Serbia - stated President Vučić.

President of Serbia thanked the people of our country who “always stood by their armed forces, and who wanted to see stronger armed forces”. He has claimed that there is going to be much more investment in the coming years compared to this one, and this year, according to President Vučić, has seen record investment in our country and our armed forces in the history of Serbia.

President of the Republic also spoke about additional recruitment of soldiers, especially to special forces, referring to the high salaries of their members and expressing the hope that “it will be attractive to all those who love the armed forces, who are patriotically oriented and want to live decently while serving the fatherland”.

During the visit, Assistant Minister for Material Resources Nenad Miloradović, PhD and Air Force and Air Defense Commander Lieutenant General Duško Žarković demonstrated to President Vučić the projects of equipping Air Force and Air Defense with newly acquired arms and military equipment. Mi-35P and H-145M helicopters, modernized “Eagle” planes, CASA C-295 transport planes and “Swallow” planes were on display at the tactical-technical demonstration in Batajnica.

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