Computer-Assisted Simulation Exercise “Response 2023”

Tuesday, 16.5.2023 | Training
Command and Staff Exercise “Response 2023” has been conducted at the SAF Simulation Training Centre this week; it has provided the police and armed forces units and commands with the opportunity to practice conducting operations.

Participants in the exercise are members of the SAF General Staff, operations commands and special operations forces, MOI helicopter and special force units. The Exercise Director is Lieutenant General Petar Cvetković, Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff.

This has been the largest national computer-assisted simulation exercise so far judging by the number of participants; it has been designed to support the preparation and execution of a joint tactical live-fire SAF-MOI exercise, to be held in late May and early June at several locations in the Republic of Serbia.

This week’s activities, executed in a simulated environment, are intended to check the skills of SAF commands involved in the exercise in planning and conducting operations, the quality of staff work and the decisions being analyzed at all commanding levels on a daily basis. The focus is on training the commands to perform staff work while making military decisions, establish interoperability and cooperation and command and control the forces in the AO.

Computer-assisted simulation exercises represent an important form of practical training of SAF commands. They provide staff officers and commands of the units with the opportunity to improve their skills in planning and conducting combat operations using the minimum amount of resources.

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