Intensive Training with Air Defence Artillery-Missile Systems

Thursday, 7.12.2023 | Training
Combat crews of the artillery-missile system “Pantsir S-1” are undergoing intensive training at peacetime dispositions of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade’s units.

Training is carried out with the aim of improving further the skills of members of the missile battalion armed with the “Pantsirs” needed to prepare and conduct operations while making maximum use of capabilities of this combat vehicle.

The focus is on training young officers and NCOs during preparation and execution of firing and combat crews during transfer of the artillery-missile battery to readiness for action.

As part of complex training, they practice gun emplacement, transfer of the system to different levels of readiness, work of combat crews on command and combat vehicles, reloading of missiles, as well as elimination of malfunctions.

Execution of such exercises, carried out in the unit throughout the year, is crucial for preserving a high level of skills and combat readiness of the unit, which, by introducing this system into operational use, has significantly improved its ability to engage different targets and protect military and other facilities from aerial attacks.

The air defence artillery-missile system “Pantsir S-1” can engage ground and airspace targets on the move, from short stops or firing positions, and its integration into the air defence system has improved the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces for control and protection of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.

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