Job Advertisements for Joining SAF Special Forces Units

Wednesday, 15.2.2023 | Vacancies
By decision of Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić, Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces have published today job advertisements inviting new professional soldiers to join 72nd Special Operations Brigade, 63rd Parachute Brigade and Military Police Detachment for Special Purposes "Cobras".

By 31 March 2023, young men and women, nationals of the Republic of Serbia, up to 30 years of age, will have the opportunity to submit their applications for joining some of the elite units of our armed forces. Those who meet the general and specific requirements will be referred to proper medical check-ups, psychological assessment and physical fitness entrance exams.

The candidates who satisfy the strict medical, psychological, physical and security standards will be sent for selective training which consists of several elimination stages. The most successful ones will have the chance to become professional service members on a temporary basis, for the duration of six months, with the possibility of getting contract extension for the period of up to three years and renewing it afterwards.

Those who earn the title of members of these elite SAF components are expected to undergo continued training and advancement, use state-of-the-art weapons and equipment; and, they will be entitled to the stimulating base salary of RSD 200, 000, to be increased considerably depending on their qualifications level and positions they occupy. 

As for the place of work, future members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade will serve in Niš, those of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade in Pančevo Garrison, while the new "Cobras" personnel will work in Belgrade.

Persons who have not performed military service under arms are also eligible to apply for the jobs; however, they will have to come through basic military training before being referred to selective training.

Thus, the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces would like to invite all the interested applicants to put their responsibility, readiness, courage and patriotism into action by serving their country as members of these elite Special Forces units.

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