Military Doctors Helping in the Villages of Sjenica Municipality

Monday, 28.9.2020 | CIMIC
Last weekend, members of the Serbian Armed Forces, in cooperation with the Red Cross from Sjenica, realized the "Military Doctor in the Village" campaign in the villages of Raždaginja and Budjevo on the territory of this municipality.

As part of the campaign, which aims to provide medical assistance to residents of remote villages with difficult access to the health care system, general health checks for locals were performed, with the distribution of packages with food and household chemicals.

Military doctors were warmly received by the local population, who once again expressed a huge gratitude to the Serbian Armed Forces for their help to the municipality of Sjenica on numerous occasions, especially in the fight to combat and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Serbian Armed Forces have previously provided assistance to residents of remote villages in the municipality of Sjenica and Pešter, as well as in other parts of the Republic of Serbia, and will continue to implement CIMIC projects aimed at strengthening cooperation and assistance to local population.

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