United Nations Instructors Course

Tuesday, 14.5.2024 | Training
An international course for United Nations instructors who will train military personnel of the units responsible for interaction with local population in the area of peacekeeping operations began at the “South” Base near Bujanovac yesterday.

The course is organized by the UN Integrated Training Service, with the support of the Serbian Armed Forces’ Peacekeeping Operations Centre, and participants are members of the Serbian Armed Forces and armed forces of 12 foreign countries.

During the training course in our centre which lasts for two weeks, participants will be trained to conduct training in accordance with the valid UN teaching material for training a UN engagement platoon.

This is a specialized unit intended to establish, support and promote dialogue with the population, and governmental and non-governmental organizations in the area of operation, thus providing support to the commander in understanding the environment in which UN peacekeeping forces are deployed.

The implementation of this course represents the continuation of support the Republic of Serbia provides to specialized UN services with the aim of building and preserving peace in the world and confirmation of the quality of training and preparations carried out in the Serbian Armed Forces for the needs of participation in peacekeeping operations.

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