Training of Soldiers of Pontoon Specialties

Tuesday, 5.7.2022 | Training
Intensive training of soldiers specializing in pontooning, who started their military service in March this year, is underway in the River Flotilla units.

The training is carried out within the second period of military service, during which soldiers are trained to perform the collective tasks of the branches and services for which they were recruited. Those who train as pontooners in the River Flotilla now undergo practical training on the river for the duties of pontoon bridge and tugboat servicemen.

In accordance with the program for soldiers on military service, training is carried out for assembling cable ferries and pontoon bridges, overcoming water obstacles with an assault ship and basic maintenance of motor vehicles and vessels used in the unit. The goal is to obtain a physically fit and motivated soldier, fully trained for conducting collective tasks.

During this period of military service, soldiers are actively involved in the life and work of the unit and the implementation of daily tasks, thereby further improving the knowledge and skills they have acquired both in this unit and in the centers of the Serbian Armed Forces for basic and specialist training. 

Soldiers of the "March 2022" class are very motivated and achieve excellent results in training, and many of them show an interest in joining the ranks of the Serbian Armed Forces as professional soldiers after completing their military service, for which they can already apply now.

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