Exercises Activities and Live Firing at “Joint Response 2023”

Thursday, 25.5.2023 | Training
In the active phase of Joint Tactical Exercise of Defense Forces of the Republic of Serbia “Joint Response 2023”, the deployed units are executing live-fire tactical exercises and are practicing the tactics, techniques and procedures in undertaking combat actions on operation.

The new forces were introduced to exercise activities at permanent and temporary training grounds having previously conducted individual drills at their regular locations. The units were subordinated and temporary components established, so there are currently more than four thousand SAF members at the training grounds and a contingent of MOI forces.

In line with the assigned missions and tasks, there are a number of tactical drills – from securing the command at the halt and on the move, gathering intelligence, securing and supporting the forces on operation, to undertaking actions on the rivers and lakes, destroying sabotage-terrorist groups and drills with main forces performing offensive combat actions.

Scheduled firing continues with the use of tanks, armored vehicles “Lazar 3” and BRDM-2, IFVs, self-propelled howitzers, anti-armor missile launchers, mortars, grenade launchers and different personal weapons.

In this phase of the exercise the fighter aviation units conduct combat training with mock-engagement of ground targets across the peacetime dispositions, and, just like the other days, some exercise components are doing their activities on the move.

All exercise participants, not only offices and soldiers of the Serbian Armed Forces, but also members of the Ministry of the Interior, are motivated and undertake their tasks professionally and responsibly, as proven by the very good and excellent firing results they have achieved so far.

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