Armored Soldiers Undergo Skills Assessment

Friday, 31.3.2023 | Training
Soldiers performing military service since December 2022, whose initial training period takes four months, have undergone skills assessment at the Army Training Centre, Požarevac.

Soldiers belonging to this group are the ones specializing in the roles of drivers and gunners of the M-84 tank and gunners and riflemen of the IFV M-80A; their specialized training is a month longer due to the complexities it entails. Over the past two months and a half, during the day and at night, they have been trained to carry out tactical actions and missions and they have executed all scheduled firing with personal and armored weapons in preparation for the coming exam.

At the two-day exam, soldiers practically carried out tactical missions as part of the crews showing outstanding skills and competence in working with the assets and equipment specific to their specialties.

For the rest of their military service, soldiers will be applying their knowledge and skills as part of the armored and mechanized Army battalions, attending collective training and assuming active roles in fulfilling their daily assignments.

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