Soldier Training for Army Specialties

Friday, 26.1.2024 | Training
In the Army Training Centre in Požarevac, soldiers on military service since December 2023 are undergoing training for the infantry, artillery and armored units specialties.

After completing basic training, the soldiers were assigned to this unit to be trained to perform military duties they were recruited for in line with their specialties.

The focus is on learning how to use branch-specific weapons in combat and refining offensive and defensive tactical actions. The training activity takes place in specially equipped study rooms and training grounds at the “Pavle Jurišić Šturm” Barracks, which provide soldiers with excellent conditions for acquiring knowledge of and skills in using combat equipment, its servicing and basic maintenance.

The soldiers are supposed to continue with more complex training contents in the field and perform scheduled firing from branch-specific weapons; then they will be tested for their abilities to perform military tasks, which will mark the end of the specialist training phase.

The soldiers will be attending collective training in the Army units for the last three months of their military service, being actively involved in fulfilling daily assignments; those who are willing to join the ranks of professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces can already now apply for it.

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