Live-Fire Tactical Exercise “Winner 2023”

Tuesday, 12.9.2023 | Training
Members of the 4th Army Brigade, with the support of Air Force and Air Defense and units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, conducted Live-Fire Tactical Exercise “Winner 2023” at the Training Ground “Pasuljanske Livade”.

The focus of the exercise was on the execution of an offensive operation by a reinforced tactical group with the transition to a counter-insurgency operation, while some of the crucial sequences were executed in a simulation of combat in an urban environment, while organizing interoperability with Air Force and Gendarmerie units.

Special attention was paid to the collection and processing of intelligence data with newly introduced means, protection of forces, control of the territory and continuity of the logistical support of the units in the area of operation.

Tanks and other armored combat vehicles, anti-tank missile systems, artillery weapons, anti-aircraft missile systems, unmanned aircraft, multi-sensor reconnaissance systems and modern light weapons were actively used in the execution of tasks.

During the 10-day activities at the training ground, many firing activities were carried out using different artillery weapons, AD artillery-missile units, armored units and infantry, and the practicing formations demonstrated a high level of ability to implement tactical and fire missions.

The execution of the exercise, which ends this cycle of intensive training, improved the skills and competence of the command staff and units in carrying out tactical and fire missions during preparation and execution of combat operations.

Final exercise activities were attended by Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, Head of the Operations Directorate (J-3) of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Major General Tiosav Janković, and Head of the Training and Doctrine Directorate (J-7) of the General Staff, Brigadier General Muharem Fazlić.

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