Serbian Armed Forces Day Marked

Thursday, 21.4.2022 | Culture and traditions
There have been multiple ceremonies today on the occasion of the Serbian Armed Forces Day — 23 April — marking the outbreak of the 2nd Serbian Uprising which took place on the Palm Sunday of 1815 and was a historic milestone in building a modern Serbian state and army.

Today, on the occasion of the greatest military holiday and pursuant to an order issued by the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic, the Serbian Armed Forces Guard has fired 10 gun salutes from six artillery weapons located on the Sava Balcony on Kalemegdan. In addition to gun salutes, this year’s celebration of the Serbian Armed Forces Day has also seen a parade of River Flotilla vessels from the Ada Bridge to the Pančevo Bridge, as well as a flyover by Air Force and Air Defence aircrafts. Spectators have been welcomed by the crews of SAF multi-purpose, patrol, assault and support ships, planes and helicopters.

SAF commands, units and establishments also commemorated the Serbian Armed Forces Day in the form of ceremonial gatherings and lining up of units so as to present awards and commendations to the most successful individuals.

As part of holiday celebrations, traditional promenade concerts have been performed by the Guard-Representative Orchestra and "Niš" Military Orchestra on the central streets of Belgrade and Niš where citizens could enjoy the melodies of famous Serbian marches.

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