Basic Training of Soldiers on Military Service

Friday, 5.1.2024 | Training
At the training centers of the Serbian Armed Forces in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac, the basic training of soldiers who started their military service in early December last year is underway.

Soldiers are in the first phase of training which is a month and a half long, regardless of their specialties. For this period of time, soldiers are trained to use personal weapons, execute properly offensive and defensive tactical actions, and fulfill guard duties.

In this phase, they go through tactical training contents and close-order drills, weapons and shooting lessons, Rules of Service of the Serbian Armed Forces and physical training, the focus being on practical training in undertaking individual tactical actions and procedures on the battlefield and executing scheduled firing from infantry weapons.

In the continuation of military service, soldiers will be tested for their ability to perform individual tasks and then transferred to specialized training centers, to be trained in line with their military occupational specialties.

The commitment and results achieved during training show exceptional motivation of soldiers to master all training contents and, in many cases, their willingness to continue serving their country as professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces after completing their military service.

Military service in the Republic of Serbia has been performed on a voluntary basis since January 2011, based on the decision of the National Assembly on the suspension of the obligation to perform military service. This model yielded some results in filling the active component of the Serbian Armed Forces, primarily due to the interest of young people in getting a job in the Serbian Armed Forces after completing their military service, but it had the effect that a large number of citizens did not even undergo basic training for defending the country.

Bearing this in mind, as well as the general security situation that imposes a need to strengthen further the Serbian Armed Forces, the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff launched an initiative to re-introduce the obligation to perform military service, for the duration of up to four months, which, according to estimates, would make possible for the overall recruiting potential to be strengthened and for a larger number of citizens to receive training.

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