Serbian Armed Forces in New Peacekeeping Operation in Africa

Friday, 29.3.2024 | Multinational Operations
This week, the Serbian Armed Forces have begun participating in a new peacekeeping operation on African soil by deploying a staff officer to the European Union Training Mission in Mozambique (EUTM Mozambique).

The mandate of this mission, established at the request of the Government of Mozambique, is to train the armed forces of that African country to protect local population and re-establish a safe environment in the northern province of Cabo Delgado. The mission is expected to last up to two years after the Mozambican armed forces have reached full operational capability.

The Serbian Armed Forces will engage staff officers in this mission who will be at the mission HQ in Maputo, the capital, on the coast of the Indian Ocean; they will rotate every six months and perform the tasks in the field of engineering and construction service.

The Serbian Armed Forces contingent, which has been in charge of primary and secondary health care of UN personnel, surgical emergencies and other interventions, primary dental care, as well as evacuation of the injured for the last six months in the UN peacekeeping operation in the Central African Republic, arrived in the Republic of Serbia last night. Another Serbian Armed Forces contingent is now engaged in the mission and it continues to perform the same tasks in Bangui, the capital city.

Currently, there are 296 members of the Serbian Armed Forces in four UN missions, four EU missions and one MFO mission; they are performing important tasks of building and safeguarding peace and representing our armed forces and our country in a dignified manner.

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