Basic NCO Course Participants Undergo Training

Tuesday, 28.3.2023 | Training
Attenders of the 21st Basic NCO Course, which began in early March, are undergoing training at Pančevo-based NCO Training Centre "Sergeant Milunka Savić".

This six-month advancement program required for initial NCO roles in SAF units is attended by professional soldiers who have completed successfully the Leadership Course and have shown through their hard work and achieved results in the unit that they are ready for this level of advancement.

Within the first – joint module, which is currently underway, Course participants are being taught how to command a squad-level unit, take general tactical actions and carry out fire missions in combat, as well as to deliver properly in methodical sense basic individual and general military training.

As they complete the first module, future NCOs are required to undergo specialized training for initial officers' duties within their branch or service, and then internship program of three weeks in SAF units. Those who come through all the modules successfully will get promotion to the rank of sergeant and appropriate NCO appointments in SAF units.

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