Soldier Training In Field Conditions

Thursday, 6.10.2022 | Training
There has been a stationary camping at SAF training grounds in the vicinity of Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac over the last few days involving soldiers whose military service started in September this year.

This segment of basic individual training is stipulated in the training curriculum for soldiers on military service and its objective is to teach them to carry out defensive and offensive combat missions and to adapt to living and working in the field conditions.  

During the training period which took several days, soldiers were refining tactical actions and procedures used in combat, e.g. orientation, observation, camouflage, battlefield movement, as well as putting up the cover for action and protection. Likewise, they executed all scheduled firing using infantry weapons. 

As their military service continues, there will be an evaluation showing how competent the soldiers of this class are for performing individual tasks. Afterwards, they will be transferred to the centres and trained for the branch/service-specific specialties they have been recruited for.

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