Active Phase of Exercise “Joint Response 2023”

Wednesday, 24.5.2023 | Training
SAF units that switched to the active phase of joint tactical live-fire exercise of defense forces of the Republic of Serbia “Joint Response 2023” are practicing undertaking combat actions and operations at permanent and temporary training grounds.

Some of the Army and 63rd Parachute Brigade units are currently performing tactical drills at “Pešter” Training Ground. There are firing activities with the use of armored fighting vehicles “Lazar 3” and BRDM-2, self-propelled howitzers 122mm, mortars 82mm and 120mm and a wide range of small arms.

At “Pauljanske Livade” Training Ground, there are day and night firing activities and tactical exercises executed by infantry, armored, artillery and air defense artillery-missile units, as well as tactical drills performed by engineer, logistics and signal units responsible for security and support of combat operations.

As part of complex activities while practicing preparation and execution of a counter-terrorist operation during the day and at night, members of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade and MOI Special Anti-Terrorist Units are practicing special actions on the move with anticipating encounter battle.

Some exercising components are doing activities on the move; on the other hand, the rest of them are switching to the active phase the following days and beginning with more complex forms of training, in line with the exercise scenario and planned rate. 

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