Training with 122 mm Self-propelled Howitzers

Tuesday, 17.10.2023 | Training
Members of the Fourth Army Brigade's artillery units have started a new cycle of training in carrying out assigned missions and tasks, with a view to further improving their skills and combat readiness.  

In one of these units, professional service members are undergoing intensive training in using 122 mm 2S1 Gvozdika howitzers and providing fire support to Army evolution units. 

During this stage, howitzer crews are mainly practicing tactical actions on the march, occupation and change of position, calculation of firing data and adjustment of fire. In this way, they are refreshing their knowledge of unit employment tactics, and new soldiers are gaining the required level of tactical training in order to be able to receive more complex forms of training.

The next stage is training in the exercise area and in the conditions where the sodden ground makes reconnaissance, selecting and camouflaging the firing position and determining the firing data more difficult, followed by the execution of firing practices, test firing and a cold-weather live-fire tactical exercise.

Training is conducted in artillery units throughout the year, thanks to which each individual is able to reach the required level of competence and team work and the speed of response become more efficient, which is of crucial importance for providing adequate fire support to troops on operations.

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