Soldier Training with MLRS

Thursday, 19.1.2023 | Training
Soldiers of the September 2022 intake are currently performing their military service in the MLRS-armed Mixed Artillery Brigade Battalion. 

The missile artillery soldiers, assigned as crews of the 128 mm M-94 "Plamen S" Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, are attending collective training in this unit to be skilled in using this missile system in combat.

As stipulated in the Training Curriculum, at training and exercise areas, soldiers go through diverse contents of missile artillery combat training in support of Army forces. Reconnaissance and gun emplacement, shifting the weapon into the combat-ready position, firing data calculation and performing the duties of MLRS crewmembers after the firing order, are some of the tactical actions soldiers refine in this training period.

Having completed individual training at the Training Command Centres the soldiers were assigned to the Mixed Artillery Brigade to do their military service and prepare for their collective artillery tasks. A large number of them will find employment with this very unit as professional soldiers of the SAF, for which they could already apply.

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