Infantry Company’s Skills Evaluated for Participation in Multinational Operations

Friday, 7.4.2023 | Training
Within the final part of preparations made by an SAF Infantry Company for its deployment with UNIFIL, a tactical exercise entitled "Serbian Shield" has been conducted this week. 

It has taken place at "South Base" and "Borovac" Training Ground near Bujanovac in order to check how competent this unit of the 1st Army Brigade is in performing intended tasks on the mission.

During the exercise activities which lasted for several days, the infantry company executed different scenarios, while the SAF General Staff Assessment Team evaluated its competence and interoperability. It evaluated and monitored actions undertaken in case of encountering mines and explosive ordnance or a base coming under attack, as well as application of tactics and procedures while securing check-points, convoys and escorts, as well as putting down protests and controlling mass gatherings. 

According to the defined training standards the unit is supposed to reach, evaluation’s results have shown that this SAF Contingent also is prepared in its entirety to be engaged as part of UNIFIL. 

The Serbian Armed Forces started to deploy an infantry company with UNIFIL in 2013; in fact, this unit performs its tasks as part of the Spanish Battalion in Multinational Brigade Sector East. Our Force Protection Platoon is currently also deployed on this peacekeeping operation, together with staff officers and a group of specialists in support of the Contingent.

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