Assessment of Soldiers’ Specialist Skills

Friday, 29.12.2023 | Training
Soldiers on voluntary military service since September 2023, whose first training period lasts four months, have undergone individual skills’ assessment at the Army Training Center this week.

The assessment has been attended by armored soldiers and those of Military Police and reconnaissance specialties within infantry, whose individual training lasts a month longer due to specific and complex military duties for which they are trained.

The soldiers have previously gone through all individual tactical training contents, acquired skills in handling personal and branch-specific weapons and executed all scheduled firing and physical fitness test.

During the evaluation, in accordance with their specialties, the soldiers carried out tactical and fire missions in practice, demonstrating a high level of acquired knowledge and skills needed to execute individual tactical and fire missions.

Successful completion of the skills’ assessment is the result of the soldiers’ dedication and commitment during training, which shows that the training activity was well planned and performed. Then follows collective training in armored, MP and reconnaissance units of the Serbian Armed Forces where the soldiers will have the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and participate actively in fulfilling daily tasks.

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