Air Force and Air Defence Day

Friday, 23.12.2022 | Culture and traditions
There has been a ceremony today in the Serbian Armed Forces to mark the Air Force and Air Defence Day and 110th anniversary of the establishment of the Air Force Command of the Serbian Army based in Niš.

The central ceremony has been held at the Air Force Club, Zemun, and attended by Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Lieutenant General Petar Cvetković, representatives of SAF units, local government bodies, religious communities, veterans’ associations and numerous guests.

The ceremony was an occasion to summarize the working results in the year behind us and present awards and recognitions to the best individuals. It was also an opportunity not only to look back on the 110 year long history of Air Force, but also to stress how competent, committed and hard-working members of this SAF arm were while performing the assigned tasks, primarily in controlling and protecting the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.

In addition, there were holiday ceremonies at AF and AD commands, units and establishments, which included a ceremonial parade and laying wreaths and flowers at memorials in barracks and military airfields.

The Air Force and Air Defence Day is marked on 24 December in memory of the day when the Decision on the Establishment of the Air Force Command of the Serbian Army was passed, comprising the Airplane and Balloon Department, Hydrogen Unit and Pigeon Post.

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