Professional CIMIC Workshop

Friday, 5.4.2024 | Training
The CIMIC Department (J-9) of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff has conducted a professional workshop “Functional CIMIC Specialists” in Belgrade this week.

This is specialized training for civilians from state bodies and NGOs who can be engaged in peacekeeping operations in the process of planning operations, as well as in the implementation of specific CIMIC projects in an international environment.

During the training activity which took five days, participants from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commissariat for Refugees and Migration and the Red Cross of Serbia had the opportunity to see the importance of engaging functional specialists in the area of peacekeeping operations and acquire basic knowledge about the organization and functioning of civil-military cooperation in the Serbian Armed Forces.

In peacekeeping operations, functional specialists are most often involved in organizing the work of authorities and public services, identifying and providing assistance to vulnerable groups, organizing the transportation of humanitarian aid, establishing and operating centers for displaced persons and refugees, transporting population and goods and other similar activities.

Through successful organization and implementation of this training, the Serbian Armed Forces are contributing to strengthening the capacity of our country to participate in UN and EU missions aimed at building and safeguarding peace in the world.

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