International CIMIC Course

Friday, 21.4.2023 | International Co-operation
The SAF General Staff CIMIC Department (Ј-9) organized a tactical CIMIC course which began yesterday for members of the Serbian Armed Forces and U.S. European Command. 
The advancement takes place at "South" Base and "Borovac" Training Ground this and next week aiming to train the officers and NCOs responsible for CIMIC affairs to perform functional duties in peacekeeping operations. 

The Course Curriculum encompasses different theoretical and practical contents, keeping the focus on refining the prescribed standard procedures for working on different positions in CIMIC teams at the tactical level, in the situations they could encounter while working with civilian organizations in the international environment.

During the Course, training is delivered by a Combined Instructors Team from the SAF and U.S. Armed Forces and visiting lecturers from the Serbian MOI Sector for Emergency Management.

A joint CIMIC training is only one of the many bilateral activities of the Serbian Armed Forces and EUCOM which contribute to the enhancement of interoperability and operational capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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