Training in Infantry Units of Serbian Armed Forces

Tuesday, 26.12.2023 | Training
At a training ground in the vicinity of Vranje, infantry units from the 4th Army Brigade are currently undergoing training for the execution of intended tasks on combat operations of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Training is part of regular exercise activities that are carried out in order to sustain a high level of skills of the professional staff, train newly admitted soldiers and officers and improve the overall combat readiness of the units.

The armored combat vehicles “Lazar 3”, modern small arms and protective and other military equipment the infantry units of the Serbian Armed Forces have been equipped with in the recent period are being used in the training activities.

The focus is on joint tactical drills of the crews of combat vehicles and embarked infantry squads, after which follows the execution of tactical exercises and live firing in winter conditions, when the results of intensive training will be tested in practice.

Continuous and planned implementation of practical training and exercise activities in the Serbian Armed Forces’ units is of key importance for high combat readiness and their successful engagement on operations, in accordance with the purpose and assigned missions and tasks.

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