210th Signal Battalion

The 210th Signal Battalion is intended for conducting telecommunication-information security for Air Force and Air Defence.

The 210th Signal Battalion comprises HQ, two signal companies, two signal platoons and logistic platoon.  

Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Novaković is the Commander of 210th Signal Battalion. 

Tasks of the 210th Signal Battalion

The 210th Signal Battalion is tasked with:

  • providing continuous and quality functioning of telecommunication-information system and protection of information for the Air Force and Air Defence Command,
  • strengthening elements of the stationary telecommunication-information center,
  • establishing mobile telecommunication-information center.

Equipment of the 210th Signal Battalion

The 210th Signal Battalion is equipped with devices and systems for telecommunication-information security in stationary and mobile component of telecommunication-information security system, of domestic and foreign origin:

  • Radio-relay devices enabling transfer of digital and analog information,
  • Radio devices, HF range small, medium and big strength,  providing communications maintenance throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia, by using manual and automatic regime of device work,
  • Radio devices VHF range for communication ‘ground to ground’ and ‘ground to air’,
  • Digital automatic phone switching and phone multi-channel devices for transferring  analog and digital information on cable transfer system,
  • Encryption devices providing the protected transfer of voice and printed information and computer data,
  • IT equipment for performance and maintenance of computer network.                                                                      

Background of the 210th Signal Battalion

The 210th Signal Battalion was established on 11 September 1967, out of the First ASEWG Wing and 250th AD missile Brigade Signal Company, and as unit directly subordinated to the staff, it became a part of the First ASEWG Wing. 

It was located in the First ASEWG wing up to 1978, when it became independent unit within the 11th AD division. 

By disbanding the 11th AD division, in 1987, it became the part of the First Corps of AF and AD. During the reorganization process of AF and AD . 

It has been directly subordinated to AF and AD Commander since 2005, and then units of disbanded 322nd Signal Battalion of Air Corps Command joined. It has had the current formation since 16 February 2011. 

Contact Information

Address: 2, Raška St., 11 000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 (0) 11 3053-200
Fax: +381 (0) 11 3053-667
Email: 210bv@vs.rs