333rd Engineer Battalion

333rd Engineer Battalion is designed, equipped and trained to perform anti-engineer operations in the field of Air Force and Air Defence operations, for Air Force and Air Defence commands, units and institutions.

333rd Engineer Battalion comprises HQ, HQ Platoon, Engineer Company, Fortification Company, Platoon for UXO disposal and demining and Logistic Platoon. 333rd Engineer Battalion is stationed in Pančevo garrison. 

Lieutenant Colonel Duško Cvijanović is the Commander of the 333rd Engineer Battalion. 

Tasks of the 333rd Eng Bn

As part of its purpose, Battalion performs the following tasks:

  • construction of the fortified and explosive ordnance obstacles for the immediate airport protection, fire positions of AD rocket units, radar positions of air surveillance and early warning units, command posts and AF and AD units deployment areas.
  • prevention of airborne assaults on the airport facilities 
  • maintenance and repair of airstrips, aprons and other maneuvering positions at the airports and arrangement of helicopters landing pads 
  • construction, repair and maintenance of access and internal roads on the fire positions of AD rocket units and rocket positions of air surveillance and early warning units
  • elimination of consequences of actions on the airport operational areas (repair of craters and other damages)
  • engineer arrangement of the positions of airport defense units, command posts, fire positions of AD rocket units and radar positions of air surveillance and early warning units  with internal infrastructure
  • construction of facilities for the protection of personnel, combat and non-combat vehicles and other technical resources well as facilities for the protection and organization of aircraft armament 
  • support to civil authorities in elimination of consequences of natural disasters.

Background of the 333rd Eng Bn

333rd Engineer Battalion was formed in March, 1974 at the airport "Cerklje" (Slovenia), although Pančevo was designated to be a garrison of its formation. 

Immediately after its formation, the battalion was relocated to Tuzla garrison, where it remained until 1955. The first more significant task in which battalion was engaged was the construction of  grass runaway within the first Yugoslav Army in the area of Knić. 

From 1955 to 1958, the battalion performed the tasks dedicated to building the airport Leskovac and Niš, and until 1962 it completed the airport in Tuzla garrison. 

In 1962, the battalion was relocated in Kraljevo garrison and engaged in building the airport "Lađevci". The construction of the airport "Lаđevci" was completed in 1966, when the battalion was relocated in Bela Crkva garrison where it remained until 1968.    

In 1968, the battalion was relocated to Pančevo garrison, where it is currently stationed. 

In its history, 333rd Engineer Battalion participated in construction of all military airports. At the beginning, it primarily built grass airstrips and asphalt surface airstrips (airports "Divci", "Zalužani", "Batajnica", "Zemunik", "Leskovac", "Niš", "Tuzla" and "Lađevci").

Introduction of the asphalt production and installation plant into the battalion formation launched the process of putting asphalt surface on the previously constructed airstrips and construction of new airports with asphalt airstrips.

In that phase, battalion was engaged in the airports "Ivangrad", "Sjenica", "Cerklje", "Bihać", "Ponikve", "Golubovci", "Priština", "Udbine", "Petrovac", "Lađevci", "Mostar", "Varaždin", "Mahovljani", "Batajnica" and "Niš".

In parallel with these tasks, battalion performed construction works including grass airstrips construction at the airports "Glamoč", "Novo Mesto", "Trstenik", "Ponikve" and "Zrenjanin". 

From 1979 to 1989, battalion was engaged in preparations for demolition of all military and civil airports on the territory of former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (apart from the airport "Butmir" – due to the Winter Olympics preparations and realization).

Since 1990, battalion has been engaged in construction of AD missile and radar units infrastructure facilities, roads, grass airstrips repairs, ski paths repairs and providing services to the subjects beyond the Serbian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence. 

Contact Information

Address: 1, Jabučki put St., Pančevo
Phone: +381 (0) 13 2512-910
Fax: +381 (0) 13 326-546
Email: 333inzbat@vs.rs