Aero Medical Institute

Aero Medical Institute (AMI) is an institution operating within Air Force and Air Defence that deals with aviation medicine. AMI’s professional capabilities, diagnostic equipment and hospital capacity make it one of the most advanced facilities of its type in Europe.

AMI is comprised of HQ, Aviation Physiology Department, Department of Medical-psychological Expertise, Military-medical Commission for Pilots and Paratroops and Auxiliary Department.

On June 18, 2007 AMI was certified by the Directorate of civilian airforce Aero Medical Center number 001 and has the authority to issue certificates for performing medical examinations by authorized aviation personnel in accordance with S-JAR-FCL-3 (Joint Aviation Requirements – Flight Crew Licensing).

Lieutenant Colonel Nenad Bačević is the Head of Aero Medical Institute.

Tasks of AMI

Aero Medical Institute is tasked with:

  • pilot selection and physiological training of flight crews,
  • periodic reviews and evaluation of military and civil pilots, paratroops and air traffic controllers,
  • training in the field of aviation medicine (theoretical and practical), scientific research in the field of aviation medicine,
  • development and periodic reviews of protective equipment and resources,
  • coordination and development of air medical regulations,
  • development in area of flight security, examination of air accidents and security measures proposals,
  • air medical support of foreign armed forces,
  • constant medical readiness to transform into a martial medical facility in case of war.

Background of AMI

Aero Medical Institute was established on 11 November 1945. At the beginning it was a small specialized hospital inteneded to take care of sick and injured pilots. It has always been dealing with hyperbaric medicine and from 1946 with pilot selection as well. One year later researches in aviation medicine began to expand.

Training and testing of pilots on humane centrifuge began in 1978, and in 1987 began training and testing on spatial disorientation device.

In 1981 the Ministry of Health established specialization in the field of aviation medicine for the duration of three years. 

AMI was moved to the new facility on Batajnica airport in 1988. After the destruction of AMI facility in Batajnica on 15 July 1999 it was in composition of Military Medical Academy, Sector for Preventive Medicine and changed its name into Institute for Aviation Medicine.

Institute was in composition of Air Force and Air Defence since 15 February 2010 and the old name was returned – Aero Medical Institute.

Contact Information

Address: 4, Dr Petra Markovića St., 11 080 Zemun
Phone: +381 (0) 11 2661-336