Aeronautical Institute

Aeronautical Institute "Moma Stanojlović" is an institution of the Serbian Armed Forces in AF and AD whose main purpose is to provide overhaul, repairs and testing of aircrafts, aircraft assemblies, aviation armament, land navigation resources, air defense resources and land resources for servicing aircrafts, with its given and available resources.
  • Aeronautical Institute
    Director, Aeronautical Institute Moma Stanojlović, Colonel Slaviša Pavlović
    • Aircraft Department
    • Air Defence and Material-technical Resources Department
    • Production Department
    • Quality Control Department
    • Logistics and Procurement Department
    • Operational Affairs Department
Also, Aeronautical Institute "Moma Stanojlović" is intended for production of spare parts, assemblies and armament and military equipment, research and development in the field of overhaul and production of spare parts and conducting metrological acitivities as well. 

Colonel Slaviša Pavlović is the Director of the Aeronautical Institute "Moma Stanojlović".

Tasks of the Institute

Aeronautical Institute "Moma Stanojlović" performs the following tasks:

  • overhaul of armament and military equipment,
  • maintaining continuity of logistic support,
  • fulfilling strategic goals in regard to expanding overhaul and production capacities of the Institute,
  • maintaining aircrafts according to „Deo 145“ regulations, in accordance with the authorization of the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia,  
  • implementation of  SRPS standards ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in the work of metrological laboratory,
  • maintaining certified management system with SRPS quality ISО 9001:2008,
  • revitalization of Institute’s infrastructure and enabling technological lines for which the Institute has mastered technologies, 
  • conducting prescribed measures with the goal of preventing emergencies,  
  • planning, organization and performing security measures and health at work.  

Background of the Institute

Tradition of the Aeronautical Institute "Moma Stanojlović" started in 1916, when historical events led the Serbian military to the Greek Island of Corfu. Due to the Alliance requirements, in place where the French Aeroplan Park was located in Thessaloniki, Aeroplan squadron was formed with Aeroplan depo, within which there was also an Aeroplan workshop. Soon after, on 18 June the same year, personnel from the Aeroplan workshop came back from Thessaloniki to Micra, so independent work in repair and overhaul of aircraft technical material started there. From that period on, there was a marked beginning of Institute’s history, as well as the first pioneer steps of the workshop development.   

The day of the Institute is officially celebrated on 1 July. On that day in 1916, upon the order of the Supreme Command Staff, Aeroplan workshop was formed on Micra airport near Thessaloniki.  

Development and moving of the workshop to its country was accompanied by turbulent changes. Due to the difficult historical circumstances, for the sake of survival and preserving what was already a successful tradition, Aeroplan workshop often changed names and locations, but not the good image that it had with the French allies, who themselves trusted their airplanes to our experts.  

Despite the great desire to maintain the continuity in the development of the military industry, the Second World War closed the runway of Zemun Airport, but already in 1949, the tradition of our military industry advanced and Aeroplan workshop became the leader in the overhaul of aircrafts and aircraft equipment, recognizable by the name of Aircraft-Technical Overhaul Institute ‘Jastreb’.

Association (1973) with the sister Overhaul Institute "Moma Stanojlović" from Kneževac, which was the synonym of the overhaul of aircraft engines, created the Aircraft Technical Overhaul Institute "Belgrade", with main seat in Batajnica, where, in 1976,  this industrial giant found its final residence as the Aeronautical Institute "Moma Stanojlovic". 

Centuries-long tradition of the Institute was supported by the argument that around 1200 aircrafts (44 types) and over 10 thousand aircraft engines (26 types) went through its overhaul drive, as well as with the fact that military and civilian aviation then used around 9000 aircrafts of approximately 750 different types, out of which 247 types were of domestic construction or making. 

Apart from the Institute, Serbian military aircraft industry was composed of factories for planes, hydroplanes and gliders: "Ikarus", "Rogožarski", "Zmaj", "Kraljevo", "Utva", "Albatros" and later on "Vršac". 

Contact Information

Address: Pukovnika Milenka Pavlovica St., Batajnica
Phone: +381 (0) 11 3165-534
Fax: +381 (0) 11 7870-250