Marking the ASW Service and 126th ASEWG Brigade Holidays

Tuesday, 18.6.2019 | Culture and traditions
A ceremony on the occasion of June 18 — the Day of the Air Surveillance and Warning Service and the Day of the 126th ASEWG Brigade was held today in Banjica barracks in Belgrade in the presence of the Chief of Staff, Air Force and Air Defence Command, Brigadier General Aleksandar Bjelić and numerous guests.

With greetings to members of the ASW Service and the 126th Air Surveillance, Early Warning and Guidance Brigade, General Bjelić pointed out that numerous generations have written the rich and glorious history of the ASW service, not only during the wars but in the periods of peace and prosperity as well.

The Commander of the 126th ASEWG Brigade, Colonel Aleksandar Dučić said that since its formation the brigade has been essential for Defence System, with a unique and complex task to control the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.

At today's ceremony, awards were presented, the units marched in a ceremonial parade and wreaths and flowers were laid at the Monument to the fallen members of the brigade second lieutenants Siniša Radić and Željko Savičić.

The Day of the ASW Service — June 18 is celebrated to commemorate the date in 1915 when Serbian Supreme Command issued an order to establish permanent observation signal stations to indicate the direction of the flights of enemy planes.

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