Awards and Recognitions for the Most Successful Participants of the Demonstration “Defence of Freedom”

Thursday, 27.6.2019 | Training
At a ceremony held in the Guard Club, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of General Staff General Milan Mojsilović conferred awards and recognitions to the most successful individuals from the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces, and organisations which by providing their support, had contributed to successful realisation of the demonstration of capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces and Ministry of Interior titled “Defence of Freedom” which had been held in Niš, on 10th May this year.
According to Minister Vulin, armed forces are not built for one demonstration or for a month – which is how long the practicing lasted; the armed forces have been built for generations, throughout the entire history of Serbian nation, since the time when the need appeared for us to be free. Thus, the ones who were awarded today did not receive the awards and recognitions solely for the effort showed at the demonstration.
– You have not been rewarded today just for one demonstration, no matter how grand and successful it was. You have been rewarded for all these years of persistence, patience, stubbornness, courage. Today, you have been awarded because you are a part of the Serbian Armed Forces and because the state of Serbia and its people can rely on you when the times are tough and when the times are less tough – Minister Vulin said and explained that the awards were an expression of gratitude of the Ministry of Defence and General Staff for self-sacrifice and work to those who had never said that it was hard and who had always found the way to be with their country and people in the moments when both the country and the people were faced with threats.
The minister of defence pointed out that the very name of the demonstration “Defence of Freedom” obliged the members of the armed forces to exist in order to protect and defend the freedom of our people.
– This is a reward for all these years that you have invested in defence of our people’s freedom and this is a reward for hope for the future that you will always be there when the things become tough for our people and for our country. You have been rewarded because you are the best among the members of the Serbian Armed Forces. Every citizen of our country feels pride, gratitude, and security when they see you on the street, when they see you discharging your daily tasks, when they see you aligned, when they see you marching, when they see you standing proudly in front of our flag. Every citizen of our country feels true pride, security and hope for better future of our children when they see what kind of armed forces we have and what kind of people it consists of – Minister Vulin said.
To organisations that supported the demonstration, Minister Vulin sent a message that they had been rewarded not only for the material assistance and for what they had done so that the demonstration “Defence of Freedom” would be magnificent, but for sincere love and respect they felt towards the Serbian Armed Forces.
– The Serbian Armed Forces are appreciated, loved and respected, they are well thought of but not because someone ordered that, but because you have managed to earn the respect, attention, love and confidence. The Serbs are ready to do almost everything for the peace, but for freedom they are ready to do everything. We will be free as much as we have strong, trained, equipped and satisfied armed forces. We will decide for ourselves as much as we are capable of protecting our country, our sky and our water. We will be capable of determining the future of our children as much as the entire society is ready to stand with its armed forces and have fate in its armed forces – Minister Vulin said and stressed that the demonstration “Defence of Freedom” was great and important, and that defence of freedom was in fact the choice of all those who wore uniforms, the life mission to which they had dedicated themselves in order to defend our freedom.
– “Defence of Freedom” deserved to be remembered by the Serbs, and it deserved the gratitude, but your life, which you will spend defending our freedom, is only meaningful in free and secure Serbia – Minister Vulin stressed.
Minister Vulin conferred the plaques and scrolls of honour of the Ministry of Defence for the support to realisation of demonstration “Defence of Freedom” to representatives of PUC “Medijana” Niš, Radio Television of Serbia, PUC “Beograd Put”, while Chief of General Staff General Milan Mojsilović presented the plaques and scrolls of honour of the Serbian Armed Forces to representatives of Directorate for the construction of the town of Niš, company “Philip Moris Operations” ltd. Niš, “TRACE Srbija” ltd. Niš, PUC “Parking Servis” Niš, company “Stage Pro” Preljina-Čačak and Sport Centre “Čair”.
According to Dragoslav Pavlović Director of PUC “Medijana” Niš, the Serbian Armed Forces by representing its organisation and power at the demonstration “Defence of Freedom” gave hope to the citizens of the entire Serbia and showed that it is a strong and powerful organisation which protects and defends the values of our country.
– We are extremely proud of the fact that the state leadership and the Serbian Armed Forces recognised Niš as the centre of the south of Serbia and that the parade was held in Niš. We wholeheartedly tried indeed to give our contribution as public utility companies to the organisation of this great military event, because we have thus showed that we have risen to the task, primarily for the purpose of defending the country and our people – Pavlović said.
For a member of the Special Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces, Major Darko Milutinović, the recognition presented to him today, represents a great reward for all his previous work and a great incentive for all advancements in his professional life.
Today’s celebration was attended by members of the boards of the minister of defence and Chief of General Staff.

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