Fifth Joint Air Defence Live Firings Shabla 2019

Wednesday, 5.6.2019 | Training

On the Shabla Bulgarian Army firing ground, members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces will conduct joint air defence live firings with members of the armed forces of that country, in the period from 4th to 14th June.

The joint firings include about 130 members of our armed forces from the Air Force and Air Defence, Army, Training Command, General Staff and the Ministry Defence.
Commander of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade, Brigadier General Tiosav Janković, who is Deputy Director of the live firing exercise, pointed out that it was the fifth joint firing exercise on that firing ground in which members of the Serbian Armed Forces are taking part.
– This year, apart from missile units equipped with missile systems Neva and Cub, members of the 101st Fighter Aviation Squadron from the composition of the 204th Air Brigade participate also to conduct air defence live firings, while members of the AD artillery-missile battalion participate in the joint live firings for the first time and they will conduct firing using Strela-2M MANPAD system – General Janković emphasised.
He pointed out that every live firing exercise is the crown of training for both individuals and crews of these units.
– As such, it aims to raise the level of competence, to prepare individuals and crews for the most difficult and complicated tasks, but also to check and confirm the competence and training level established in trainer and control trainer firing exercises - General Janković explained.
Members of the Serbian AF&AD have carried out joint firings at the Shabla firing ground since 2010, and speaking about the importance of the fifth joint firings, General Janković stressed: this continuity is important because the composition in the units is being rejuvenated, younger officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers are emerging and it is very important that each of them has the opportunity to perform live firing at least once.
– On the other hand, the tasks performed at the live firing exercises are always carried out in more complex conditions than during training and control-training firing exercises, and it is logical that live firing, as such, is a challenge for everyone and the more often we conduct it, the more confident we can be that our training is complete, that our crews are competent and ready to carry out their combat tasks arising from the purpose of the unit – General Janković concluded.
The Shabla firing ground is located on the Black Sea coasts, and during the firings part of the |AF&AD members will be based on Graf Ignjatievo and Balchik airports. Members of the Serbian AF&AD were successful in carrying out firings at that firing ground of the Bulgarian Army in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2017.

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