Training of the Reserve Force

Friday, 1.11.2019 | Training
About six hundred personnel from the Reserve Forces of the Serbian Armed Forces, mainly Infantry, are undergoing training with the units of the Training Command.

In accordance with the training program, which is carried out with the aim of updating the knowledge gained during the military service and introducing them with the assets now in use in the Serbian Armed Forces, training in familiarizingwith and handling of Infantry weapons, tactical and first aid training are implemented.

At the end of the individual part of the training, the members of the Reserve Forcesperformed shooting using their personal weapons, after which, within the framework of the collective group-sectiontraining, they practiced the use of mortars, grenade launchers, anti-armor kits and communication assets through the application of hands-on approach.

In addition to the training of Infantry Companies, the Training Command units also carry out training with the Commands of the two territorial brigades, during which Reserve Commanders practice methods and procedures in the decision-making process.

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